Bring some nostalgia into your life with a Letterly Love Letterboard. These boards are simple to use and create instant art and excitement in your home. Here are 5 ways that a letterboard can bring some enjoyment into your life!

Household decor - All boards comes with a mounted hook, making it ready for hanging up on the wall. It is a perfect combination of vintage charm and easily changeable decor for any room around your home, including: living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, etc.

Weekly menu - Perfect for all meal planners! If you plan your meals for the week this board is perfect for writing out your weekly menu and displaying it in your kitchen for your family to see. No more “What’s for dinner?” questions. The board is also great for restaurants or cafes that want to display their special of the day.

Events/Milestones - Document the big moments in life! Letterly Love boards are a creative way to capture each milestone in life from your growing newborn, to birthday announcements, holidays, engagements, first day of school and so much more.  Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the special moments you share with them.

Motivational/Inspirational Quotes - Reading through motivational quotes helps us get our positive outlook on life. The customizable boards are the perfect way to leave sentimental and motivational messages for yourself and your loved ones.

Musical Quotes - Musical lyrics can be inspirational, comforting and bring back nostalgic feelings. Turn your favorite musical lyric into art around your home.

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