What is a letterboard?

Letterboards bring nostalgia, enjoyment and ever changing creativity into your life. These boards have a vintage feel to them, going back to their roots when they were used at theaters,displaying the repertoire, or menu specials in front of restaurants, the letter board has become an essential part of communication.
In recent years with all the technological advances, the letter board became obsolete. However, we still catch glimpses of people using them as a decorative tool in their establishments, offices, homes. It seems that we still cultivate that necessity of having something authentic within arms reach. This is why the letter boards have made such a huge comeback today, despite the development of the digital age.

The subtle brilliance and creativity entangled within these boards and the desire to make something unique and authentic is what makes the letterboard so special today. The high contrast of the letters against the vast negative space of the felt is what makes them stand out. The power of a single word can make such an enormous impression on us all, captivating our gaze, almost enchanting us.

Here are just some of the many different, creative ways to use your letterboard:


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